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English comic
Updated: 10/14/2020
English comic
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  • Ponyboy starts talking to Cherry about Sodapop’s hourse, Mickey Mouse while the other ones talked together. Ponyboy had never talk about Mickey Mouse with anyone but Sodapop, it was to personal, but with Cherry he could talk about everything.
  • The blue mustang stops in the road next to them, two socs get out of the car to talk with Cherry and Marcia. Bob and Randy are apologizing to the girls because of getting drunk some other night.
  • What Sodapop always wanted was a horse and he managed to get Mickey Mouse, it was the perfect horse for him.
  • Ponyboy realized that the socs that attacked Johnny had a blue mustang, and Johnny was really nervous.
  • A blue mustang appeared in side road, Cherry and Macia for some reason are really nervous.
  • They’re here!
  • Just act normal.
  • One’s everyone was gone Ponyboy told Johnny how much he would love to live in the country were everyone it’s just people there are not socs or hangers, just people.
  • The blue mustang slowly passed by and now the girls were more relax, they continue talking and now Cherry wanted to know about Darry, so Ponyboy a little nervous started talking about Darry.
  • Watch your mouth Ponyboy!
  • If it was for Darry he would kick me out of the house.
  • We’re sorry we got a little drunk the other night.
  • A LITTLE!?
  • Just let us take you home.
  • Fine but only because I don’t like fights.
  • They were te ones that attacked Johnny?
  • I would love to live in the country were there are not gangs just people.
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