geography rock cycle
Updated: 12/10/2020
geography rock cycle

Storyboard Text

  • Hi there! I am an igneous rock. I was formed when magma hardened and cooled.
  • Hello! My name is Sedimentary rock and I am composed of loose sediments .
  • Weathering and erosion cause pieces of rocks to break into smaller pieces caused by wind or water. I then get carried away and collect over time, known as deposition. Lastly I am then bind together by pressure.
  • Hey! I am the metamorphic rock. I am formed when other rocks are under heat and pressure. This process is called metamorphosis.
  • Igneous and sedimentary rocks can go through metamorphosis if buried deep enough under the earth surface and exposed to high temperatures
  • The igneous and metamorphic rock are able to become sedimentary rocks through weathering erosion, compaction, and cementation.
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