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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • #StayFitIsLit
  • I'm out of shape, so i'm gonna work out.
  • #NoGambling
  • OG gave us only 2 hours to find a new member homie.
  • I know man... wait! you see that kid over there.
  • #BigMan
  • 421...422...423... and 424
  • Yeah
  • You thinkin' what i'm thinkin'?
  • Billy is going to exercise, because he's out of shape.
  • #WalkAwayFromGangs
  • Hey kid... uhh you wanna join our gang?
  • Carlos and Jason are stressed because, OG only gave them two hours to find a new member. Their also gambling.
  • #SayNoToGangs
  • Come on kid!
  • Jason just saw Billy through the window of the gym and he's going to try to get him in the gang.
  • #GangsAreForLosers
  • Your right kid, where looser. Lets go homie.
  • Carlos is asking Billy if he wants to Join, obviously Billy said no by ignoring him.
  • Billy said no, because he better things to do like exercise, school, etc.
  • No, I got better things to do! Loosers
  • Carlos realized that he's a loser for being in a gang, so he decided he's right and left.
  • Now bye!