Kelly Mosher Hero Story
Updated: 3/9/2021
Kelly Mosher Hero Story

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  • Kelly Mosher Hero StorySometimes you think you have it all only to find out you lost something more important along the way.
  • Everyone else has already left work, but if I work a little longer I can get ahead on this project and beat the deadline.
  • Two years ago...
  • Employee of the Month
  • I bet they already ate dinner without me. Oh no! I might not make it before they leave for Keagan's football practice. Why didn't I start my commute sooner?!
  • I am sorry, Keagan. I was just finishing up a few things at work.
  • Mom, you missed most of my practice!
  • Later that night...
  • Keagan: Mom, can you help me with my homework?Me: Ask your dad. I just need to finish up some emails and pack for a work trip.Keagan: Another trip?!
  • Ryan: You are running yourself into the ground with work and you are not happy at home.Me: I am just doing the best I can.Ryan: For the company or for us?
  • I need to get healthy and show up for my family. I need a break to find who I really am without work!
  • That night Kelly poured a glass of wine, typed her letter of resignation, and thought to herself, "Now what?"
  • Now that I am eating healthy, walking everyday, and spending time with my family, I need to set some goals for myself. I am going to apply to a Master's program and run a 5k. How far is a 5k? 3.1 miles?! I haven't ran unless it was to catch a flight in 12 years! I finished my undergrad over a decade ago too! Just commit to showing up for yourself everyday. I got this!
  • Three months later...
  • Cue Eye of the Tiger Running Music
  • Keagan: Now that you are in school too, do you want to work on our homework together?Me: Sure, let's help each other!
  • I don't know if I can do it today! I am tired, my legs hurt...
  • Let's go, lady! Get it together!
  • Cue Eye of the Tiger Running Music
  • Race Day: February 16, 2020
  • Kelly ran the whole 5k with Ryan and Keagan by her side. When she crossed the finish line she started crying. This is when she realized she had finally found what she had lost so long ago. She could see that she was a super hero without a big salary, or a flashy car, or a nice suit.
  • Ryan, Keagan, and Kelly at the finish line together
  • Siri, Where are they now?
  • Kelly is finishing up her second course in her Master's program. She has ran three 5ks and is training for a 10k. To top it off she has lost 50lbs and just accepted a Supply Chain Planning position.Ryan and Keagan are happy that Kelly is back to being her super hero self that they always knew she was.Ziggy is still pulling Kelly along as she trains her for a 10k.