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  • Causes of the Crusades
  • I, Pope Urban II, call out for a Crusade!
  • The First Crusade
  • We have conquered Jerusalem!
  • The Second Crusade
  • Our Army was defeated in Anatolia, we must return home!
  • With the threat of the Seljuks advancing toward Constantinople, Pope Urban II invited nobles and Church Leaders to attend a council in Clermont, France, Pope Urban II called out for a crusade to carry out to drive out the Muslims and reclaim Jerusalem. He promised forgiveness of sins if you went on the Crusade.
  • The Third Crusade
  • I, King Richard I, will have my armies to fight in the Third Crusade!
  • The first Crusade was led by European nobles and around 100,000 Crusaders fought their way into Antioch and soon Antioch fell to the Crusaders. In 1099 the Crusaders surrounded Jerusalem and after a month of fighting, the Crusaders took over Jerusalem. Many left to go home, but others established Crusader kingdoms.
  • The Third Crusade
  • I, King Richard I, agree to this treaty.
  • I, Salah al-Din, agree to this treaty.
  • Muslims responded after the first Crusade and in 1144 captured Edessa, the capital of a Crusader kingdom. The Christians also responded and started the second Crusade, an German army was defeated in Anatolia, while a French army was also defeated by Muslims while on their way to Damascus ending the second Crusade in failure.
  • Children's Crusade
  • We, young peasants, will go to the Holy Land to take back land from Muslims!
  • By 1180, Salah al-Din, the sultan of the Muslims led a fight against the Crusaders in the Holy Land and recovering most of Palestine. In 1187, his armies captured Jerusalem. Meanwhile the Third Crusade started and King Richard I was one European leader, in 1191 his armies made the Palestinian town, Acre to surrender.
  • Muslims and Christians tried to reach an agreement to exchange prisoners which failed, in response, King Richard I order the death of 2,700 Muslims, In September of 1192, Richard and Salah al-Din signed a treaty.
  • In 1212, young peasants from France and Germany marched in a Children's Crusade but few made it to the Holy Land with some being sold into slavery, returning home, or disappearing without a trace.
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