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Updated: 8/21/2020
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A history in the rain.

Storyboard Text

  • Heck!, I don´t want it to rain, we won´t enjoy the walk so much, it will be uncomfortable to carry the umbrella all the time.
  • Oh! Look at the sky daughter, it´s going to rain, luckily I brought this umbrella so as not to get wet.
  • It´s okay, just because I want to see it now, but I don´t know if something happens while we are walking in the rain.
  • Daughter, relax! I will carry the umbrella, stop being so angry and rather walk that we will be late to see us with your father.
  • I know, but it´s annoying to carry it, I don´t like to carry a bag mom, less to carry an umbrella all over the city and it might not even rain.
  • Do you see why I always tell you to carry an umbrella?At any moment it can rain and you can get sick from getting wet.
  • Oh! Daughter there is a lot of wind and it drags me, please help me or it will get me stuck in the tree.
  • OMG! Mom, drop the umbrella or it will drag you further, I will try to catch you so it doesn´t hurt so much.
  • My God daughter, how is this going to happen to me? You gave me the salt with that comment you said when you were angry.
  • Are you okay mom? I´ll help you get down quickly.
  • Hahaha, see mom, your umbrella hurt you hahaha
  • Hahaha please daughter, don´t laugh of me more, we´ll have to tell you father about this adventure hahaha
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