Chapter 6
Updated: 8/12/2020
Chapter 6

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  • It is the first time mrs. V babysits Melody, mrs. V is Melody's next door neighbor she is very tall (6 feet), wears a bright coloured fancy dress, big hands, doesn't believe in labels and is extremely kind. Melody’s dad can’t thank mrs. V enough for taking care of Melody since he knows she can be a handful at times. Mrs. V assures them its alright and can see Melody succeeding in the future with the help of her.
  • In this scene, mrs. V does a massive job by helping Melody find the courage to finally be able to control her muscle just a tiny bit, mrs. V helps her succeed from laying on her stomach and flipping over to her back By herself. Mrs. V was very pushy and strict in a good way and firmly believed Melody was capable of this. This gives Melody and huge confidence boost and both mrs. Mrs. V and Melody is Indeed very proud of it.
  • Here, mrs. V helps melody crawl over to the stuff monkey. Melody has never crawled before and is extremely happy and proud of succeeding again, mrs. V is even more p of her and herself for successfully teaching Melody to crawl. Even though it was only a tiny distance, it is still a huge step for Melody. Mrs. V had a very effective way of helping Melody, she kept on saying Melody can do it and pushed her to believe in herself.
  • Every time when Melody is over at mrs. V’s house, she would have lunch their. But mrs. V would always feed Melody the desserts first, in this chapter near. V feeds Melody a vanilla shake first, then veggies and noodles for something healthy. Melody would feel very special and excited when it was lunch time at mrs. V’s house, she gets all the good food.
  • Mrs. V started noticing Melody was getting frustrated at school because she couldn’t communicate properly with just simple words on her communication board. So mrs. V being the amazing person she is, she ripped out all the simple words on her communication board and restarted the board with complex nouns, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns. All sorts of words that could help her communicate properly everyday.
  • As the day went by, it started raining outside. Melody wanted to feel care-free and outside in the nature. So she motioned for mrs. V to take her outside. A they sat there in the pouring rain, with their hair soaking wet, admiring the beauty nature could create. They were soaked from head to toe afterwards, but was happy they could experience it. Soon then mrs. V got Melody into dry clothes and melody was very grateful.