Take Care, Students! / By Karma Mohamed.

Take Care, Students! /  By Karma Mohamed.

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A couple of eager students go to school on their weekend to learn more from their teacher about the recent virus outbreak. Join them on their fun journey to learn more yourself!

Storyboard Text

  • 3- Well, we just heard about COVID 19, and we wanted you to tell us more about it.
  • 1- Hi Mrs. Sharen!
  • School
  • 2- Kids! What are you doing at school on a Saturday?3- In that case, come to my office and I'll tell you everything.
  • 2- Wow! Cool. I love China.
  • 1-First of all, Let me tell you about the history of COVID. It was discovered at the end of 2019, in Wuhan, China. COVID mostly targets old people.
  • 3-Very interesting.
  • Next, I'm going to tell you about the precautions. But first, put on masks!
  • 2- That's because I care about you. COVID spreads through the mouth and nose. It's important that you always wear a mask in public. It's also important that you avoid going out of your house like right now, because you can catch the virus and get your family sick. You should also keep a 3 meter distance between you and your friends and avoid shaking hands or hugging. Instead, do the leg shake.
  • 1- Ms, why did you make us wear masks?
  • 1- Woah. That sounds like a dangerous virus. Have they created a vaccine? And can I take it?
  • 2- Yes actually, they did. But you can't take it until you're older. but instead, use the precautions I told you to avoid getting sick
  • 1-Thank you for that amazing advice Mrs. Sharen! We will not take our masks off. And as you told us we are now keeping a social distance.
  • School
  • 2- Anytime kids!
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