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Then Vs Than - Homophone Examples

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Then Vs Than - Homophone Examples
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Homophone Lesson Plans

Teaching Homophones With Storyboards

By Katherine Docimo

Solid understanding of grammar is key for student reading and writing success. However, many concepts of grammar are difficult to grasp and rely more on memorization than deduction. Teach grammar to your students using storyboards!

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Storyboard Description

Homophone examples: Then vs Than. Teach the difference between common homophones with comics!

Storyboard Text

  • THEN vs. THAN
  • THEN
  • I had to do all the quarterly reports, and THEN Shirley came over to me and talked about her infected toe, and THEN Don made me retype a memo!
  • THAN
  • Yep, Doris was just here. She complains louder THAN Mark!
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