Unknown Story
Updated: 2/24/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Jones tells other farmers about his farm being overthrown
  • the animals on my farm took over and I need help to get my land back
  • haha you got driven off you own land by animals?!?
  • the other farmers start to wonder if their animals could be capable of the same thing ,
  • I wonder if my animals would ever be able to do that
  • maybe he is right.... would my animals do that to me?
  • The animals start to spread the word of their rebellion to other farms through pigeons ,
  • we need to spread the word to other animals on farms about our rebellion
  • Even after farmers lied to their animals about the backlash a rebellion could mean for them, smaller rebellions begin happening at other farms across the land
  • *Battle of Cowshed begins*Mr. Jones, accompanied by other farmers attempt to reclaim Animal Farm
  • farmers retreat, the animals win, they sing "Beasts of England", and celebrate by burying the dead, hanging their flag, awarding animals and displaying Mr. Jones' gun