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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/27/2019
Unknown Story
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comic life

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  • On my first page of my comic I have planned to show Holly, the main character of my comic moaning as she has been invited to a party but doesn't want to go as she thinks she is short i height and everyone else there would be tall. This party was an opportunity for her promotion in her job. i have showed her think what she will do in my first and second panel, i have used soliloquy as she speaks to herself stressed. i have set this scene out when she is in a park.
  • On my second page of my comic, the very next day Holly's friend Jade comes over to meet her. She explains Jade her problem and Jade tells her not to worry and that she would bring a present for her after which she would agree to go to the party. This scene takes place in Holly's bedroom.
  • On my third page, Jade brings Holly a pair of trainers and Holly asks her what are they for! Jade explains her these trainers have a 3 inch insole in them and she will look tall simply by wearing them, Holly is exited after listening to this. This scene takes place in Holly's living room.
  • On the forth page Jade asks Holly whether she likes the trainers or not and Holly actually loves them and says she wold now go to the party. She describes how she is looking and feeling taller. This scene takes place at Holly's living room.
  • This scene happens on page four, on the third panel, where Holly thanks Jade for her effort to bring her trainers and tells her that she has made her day. this scene is still happening in Holly's living room.
  • Finally, on the last page of the comic Holly is seen promoting her new trainers and suggests everyone with a height issue should purchase them. This scene happens outside her house on the road.
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