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Updated: 10/8/2018
Unknown Story
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  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising acton
  • set in pairs during the 1880,madame loisel a middle class woman wants a life that is beyond her reach . one day after work her husband Mr. monsieur loisel has an envelope his hand for his wife as she opens it she finds out it is an invitation to a paty with rich and fancy people, sher has always dreamed of this but one problem, she feels she dosnt have anything nice enough to go in
  • climax
  • madame loisel is a middle class woman and isn't happy she wants a better social life she wants a rich life and have fancy dinners and go to fancy party's because the believes she perseveres that life style
  • falling Acton
  • we will pay you back 
  • madame loisels husband spends 400 frances on her new dress she is still down because she doesn't have any jeoules to wear with her new dress she ends up borrowing one from a friend who is rich
  • resoulution
  • the loisels go to the party she is being starred at and looked at as she is being admirer by these people because of her beauty, she is now home and no longer feels the recklessness on her neck
  • they look for the necklaces and retrace there ateps and still cant fine it so they tell madame loisels friend that it broke so there reparing it in all reality they went to the jeoulors to buy one that looked like it, they find one similar to the one she had. they borrow money from friends and use money they saved to buy the friend a new necklace so she wouldn't find out
  • they return the new necklace and her friend dosnt even open it to make sure its still there. the losiels spend 10 years of there life to pay everyone back for the money. after a few months after paying every one back she sees her friend walking down the street madoum laosiel walks up to her to tell her the truth about how she lost the necklace and spent 10 years paying everyone back, her friend grabs her hand and says "oh dear, my necklace was past"
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