Trigonometric Problems
Updated: 3/11/2020
Trigonometric Problems

Storyboard Text

  • X = 10/Cos60X = 20 m
  • X = hypotenuse
  • Rami Is playing with his red kite after school. the kite was stuck on the tree and he is standing 18 meters far away looking at the kite at angle 60 degree. What is the distance between kite and Rami ?
  • X = Height
  • Rami's Kite went over a rooftop, he is standing away looking for the kite at angle 70 degree and the kite string is 55 meter,How high up the building ?
  • X = Sin70x55X = 51.7 m
  • Rami Went Back home Sad, he thought he have lost his kite permanently.
  • He Just looked away from home and finds his kite on the tree on the corner, He is 5 meters away from the tree and the tree is 8 meter, What is the angle of the elevation
  • X = Angle