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Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Reason for Making It
  • Problems
  • What I would've done differently
  • The settlers made Jamestown because they wanted the best for themselves, and for England. They wanted money, and England wanted land, so they knew if they could successfully grow cash crops, and keep the land they claimed in the process, it would be a win-win.
  • When they first settled, they chose land that was bad for farming, and had mosquito that made many people sick. They didn't have many skilled workers or craftsmen, and the lazy rich people were fighting with the poorer, fatigued people. As usual, the settlers were incapable of being nice to the Native Americans, so even more fighting occurred. Add a harsh winter and no good food or water, and you have Jamestown.
  • If I were there, I would have encouraged more preparation and cooperation, so that things would have gone better. Maybe, if people put a little more thought into survival, they would've brought more food and good workers. They could've been more aware of disease. If they cooperated with others, they wouldn't be fighting with others and the natives.