Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Description

Unexpected behaviour to smell of tuna

Storyboard Text

  • Sophie, what did you do on the weekend?
  • Sophie’s not being very friendly today. She’s turning away from me and not answering my question.
  • I don’t like the smell of that tuna!
  • Annika, I don’t think Sophie wants to play with us today. She wasn’t very friendly at lunchtime.
  • Lia, should we play with Sophie at lunchtime today?
  • Really? That doesn’t sound like Sophie. I know she likes having friends.
  • No she doesn’t! She didn’t even talk to me at lunchtime!
  • Didn’t I? Sorry, I was distracted by the smell of your tuna. Of course I want to play with you guys!
  • Sophie, do you want to play with us?