Sun Safety Comic Strip
Updated: 5/2/2020
Sun Safety Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • No Sammy. The only way I'm gonna get tan is if i don't use any protection. I've been using tanning beds for the past 3 weeks everyday.
  • Sarah You sure you don't want some of my sunscreen or like sunglasses or a hat to protect you from the sun?
  • There is nothing wrong but okay.
  • Come on we gotta go, we are gonna go to the doctor and get you checked out this isn't safe.
  • I'm so sorry Sarah, but after taking multiple tests. We have found that you have skin cancer and the type is melanoma.
  • I will explain everything you need to know about this. Everything is going to be okay with the care.
  • I shouldn't of tanned so much. What were some signs that could've showed me I had it.
  • Any atypical molesMore than 50 normal molesLight complexionBlonde or red hairBlue, green, or hazel eyesHistory of any blistering sunburnsSudden exposure of normally covered skin to strong sunlightRegular use of tanning beds
  • Risk Factors
  • Sadly Sarah, you have multiple of these factors listed. Any other questions?
  • I'm so sorry Sarah
  • What are the types of skin cancer.
  • A type of skin cancerappears starting at about age 40Prevalent in Southern statesOccur as light pink or flesh-colored bumps with pearly or waxy appearancesGrow slowly and are almost never fatalcan grow to the point where surgery is necessary
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma