SPAM Model for Speech in the Virginia Convention

Updated: 1/5/2017
SPAM Model for Speech in the Virginia Convention
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Speech in the Virginia Convention Lesson Plans

Speech in the Virginia Convention by Patrick Henry

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In a time where loyalties were divided, and the colonists were unsure if war with England was the answer, those who believed in the idea of freedom from tyranny had to speak out and plead their case. This was done in popular pamphlets such as Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, and by delivering public speeches, such as Patrick Henry did to the Virginia Provincial Convention in 1775. While many were arguing for a compromise with the British King, Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine were arguing for a complete break - not only with the king, but with history.

Speech in the Virginia Convention

Storyboard Description

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Speech Patrick Henry Speech in the Virginia Convention Comic SPAM Model

Storyboard Text

  • GUNS
  • Patrick Henry’s situation for his speech is the Virginia Provincial Convention, which had convened to decide whether or not they would be sending Virginia militiamen to support the Revolution.
  • Patrick Henry’s purpose for his speech was to convince the members of the Convention to arm the Virginia militia and send them to aid the Revolution efforts. He urged armed resistance to England whereas others were pleading for compromise.
  • M - METHOD
  • Give me liberty, or give me death!
  • Patrick Henry’s audience was the elected representatives from Virginia. The assembly was formerly known as the House of Burgesses, and it was dissolved by the Governor after he got wind they were supporting rebels in Massachusetts.
  • Patrick Henry mainly uses appeals to emotion and reason to rally support. He includes an ultimatum of liberty or death to drive home the importance and gravity of the situation.