Unknown Story
Updated: 10/8/2018
Unknown Story
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  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • This story is set in France a middle class lady named Madame Loisel. She dreams about the rich life, and is unhappy with the current life she has.
  • climax
  • Monsieur Loisel brings madame loisel an invitation to a party. She does not want to go be cause she does not have a fancy dress to wear, so her husband buys her a new one.
  • falling action
  • Madame loisel is not satisfied with just having a fancy new dress so her husband tells her to ask her friend to borrow some jewlery.
  • resolution
  • During the party madame Loisel has the time of her life. When the party is finally over she realizes at home that the necklace is missing.
  • Her husband tells her to tell her friend that the necklace is bieng repaired. They do not find the necklace so they go into debt to buy another one that looks exactly the same. They live in debt and poverty for 2 years.
  • One day when they Finally pay off thier debt and all the intrest Madame Loisel finds her friend Madame Forestier on the streets . She decides to tell her what happened with the necklace and why she looks so old and poor. Then her friend tells her that the necklace was just a fake.
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