America's Story : unit #1

America's Story : unit #1

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America's Story : book 1

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  • Chapter 1 :Native Americans
  • Native Americans were the first people to live in the United States. 
  • Chapter 1 : Native Americans
  • Grew : cotton, corn, squash, pumpkins, beans
  • Chapter 1 : Native Americans
  • Hunted : buffalo for meat, weapons, clothing and blankets Hunted deer and turkey
  • Chapter 2 : Christopher Columbus 
  • "Queen Elizabeth of Spain, can I have a ship to sail to India for gold?!?!"
  • "Yes! You can have 3 ships; the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.  And you have to share the gold."
  • Chapter 2 : Christopher Columbus
  • Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.  On October 12, 1942 they saw land.  North America! 
  • Chapter 2 : Christopher Columbus
  • Chapter 3 : Spanish Explore
  • The Spanish explorers wanted to find Seven Cities made of gold. The explored the southwestern region of the USA. 
  • Chapter 3 : Spanish Explore
  • "Lets find gold down the Mississippi River."
  • "Okey Dokey"
  • Chapter 3 : Spanish Explore
  • The Spanish built missions to force Native American's to learn Christianity. 
  • Chapter 4 : Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Pilgrims and Native Americans give thanks
  • Chapter 5 : English Settle America
  • Chapter 5 : 13 Colonies
  • Massachusetts Pennsylvania New York Rhode Island Delaware New Jersey Virginia  New Hampshire Maryland North Carolina  South Carolina Georgia Connecticut 
  • Chapter 6 : French come to America
  • "We have came from France and traveled all the way down the St. Lawrence and Mississippi RIver."
  • Chapter 6 : French come to America
  • The Native Americans showed the French how to make snowshoes so they could walk in the very deep snow. 
  • Chapter 7 : Stamp Act
  • "You will need to pay taxes, Sir.  For your paper and book.  Or OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!  We will tell the king of England."
  • Chapter 7 : Boston Tea Party
  • Chapter 7 : Boston Massacre
  • A colonist threw a snowball because they didn't want to pay taxes.  British soldiers fired back.  5 colonists dead.
  • Puritans didn't allow FREEDOM OF RELIGION.  They didn't want to pray in the Church of England.  
  • American Revolution
  • The American's wanted freedom from England.  The American's won the war and became a free nations.
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • I am a printer and an inventor.  I discovered electricity and published many books.  I helped write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution . 
  • Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico
  • George Washington
  • Declaration of Independance
  • NO WAY! This is unjustified!! 
  • Constitution
  • We don't want your tea!! We won't pay taxes on this tea!!
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • "Napoleon Bonaparte, I would like to buy New Orleans from Spain? DO we have a deal!!"
  • The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
  • Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea and York traveled from the Mississippi River, over the Rocky Mountains and all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Mount Vernon, Virginia. Home of commander in chief of the Continental Army and first lady Martha Washington.
  • The Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.  "All men are created equal"
  • Constitutional Convention. Philadelphia, PA United States of America first set of laws.
  • Louisiana Puchase
  • "Sure, for $15,000,000 it's yours!"
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Inventions of the Industrial Revolution
  • Cotton Gin : Eli Whitney Spinning Jenny : Samuel Slater Steam engine : Robert Fulton Steamboat Locomotives Canals
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • "What a wonderful day for a country drive in our new Ford Model T. Let's go, honey"
  • "I'm off to work in the factory."
  • Trail of Tears
  • Many Native Americans had to leave their home and face a dangerous and harsh journey to travel to Oklahoma after Andrew Jackson took their land.
  • 1st Women's Right Movement
  • Women wanted to be equal to men: -right to vote -equal pay -not give their money to their husbands -wanted to be able to work outside of the home
  • Education Reform
  • Independence for Texas
  • Texas Revolution
  • The Alamo
  • The Oregon Trail
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