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Updated: 6/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Locked Upstairs
  • Earlier On
  • Hit and Run
  • George Wilson becomes fully aware of the affair but is unsure who it is with. He deals with this by locking Myrtle upstairs to prevent her from leaving before they head west. They had reached the point in their relationship where George was skeptical of her trying to get out and this was his way of preventing her from going elsewhere before the move.
  • Myrtle's Death
  • Earlier in the day, Tom came by the house in a yellow car. However, Myrtle was fully unaware that the car did not belong to Tom. Later on, she saw the same car coming from a different direction. Thinking it was Tom she frantically ran into the street in hopes of getting his attention but he was not the one driving. In fact, Daisy was behind the wheel and Gatsby was the passenger.
  • Assumptions
  • =
  • When Daisy saw Myrtle heading for the road she tried to swerve and avoid her but saw another car coming in the opposite lane and had to swerve back into her own area. Daisy ended up hitting Myrtle despite her attempt not to. However, she chose to keep going rather than stopping, making this a hit and run situation.
  • Tom and Wilson
  • Ultimately, Myrtle´s death was the result of Gatsby´s car which is no coincidence. This resembles not only materialism but the use of power over others. If Daisy was more alert or compassionate for others this could have been avoided and the outcome could have been very different. Additionally, the car represents Gatsby himself and the crash has a much bigger image. The image of society and the collapse of the American peoples morals.
  • Since Myrtle was killed by Gatsby's car everyone was quick to assume that he was the cause of this death. Little did everyone in the Valley of Ashes know that Daisy was actually the person driving. Despite the truth, they were all quick to accuse Gatsby of being the killer.
  • When this all happened, Tom showed some emotion which was very surprising. However, the sadness quickly faded and his true ego began to show yet again. On the other hand, Wilson was in love with Myrtle and he was absolutely devastated by this loss because he was expecting to continue his life with her and live happily together, but now his whole life has been torn apart after losing the person he adored.
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