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Updated: 1/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Act 1
  • Act 2
  • Act 3
  • I choose marules and flavius partying. in the middle of the street because it shows how free they where. when pompie was the ruler . SO they felt more alive.[ This is a holiday} { v 1 - 2}
  • Act iv
  • This is the part where cassius trys to get brutus to go against ceaser . But brutus says no to helping cassius kill their ruler. so cassuis tell brutus what would happen if he helped take out ceaser. but brutus still denins him and then his wife starts asking him if joined. { o name him not} v 2- 150
  • Act v
  • The soothsayer was confronting ceaser about his death . But ceasear just kept making a joke about is. Because it was the 15th of march. The soothsayer said the day was yet not over. {the ides of march come } { v - 3 - 1
  • Theme
  • Antony is plotting on which of the conspirators shall die. so he is trying to trick brutus in to letting him join . so brutus says yes. but cassius is against Antony. { Their names are pricked} v-iv-1
  • Antony was ready for war against brutus and they would met in phillpie . But most of brutus men would die early on. So cassius was ready but had thought brutus died . but lived so brutus decided to kill him self.{ Have added slaughter to } x- v- 55
  • I personal think the theme is their are just some people that are hungray for a taste of glory . But some people can not handle the power of being a ruler . like brutus could not handle it so even though ceaser was cocky he would have try just was hard as Pompeii did. so do not let power bring the bad out of you or some one else . like Hitler he had power but it brought out the bad side of Hitler you never know he could of been a hero if it was'nt about power. so just try to do good with the power you are granted so please try to make the world happy cassius just did it for power so he could control the rest of rome and he felt mad cause he like pompeii as a leader and not ceaser.
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