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  • Once upon a time, in a kingdom in Maine, there was a Queen named Arden and her two children, Princess Elida and Prince Evander. They ruled over this kingdom in a fair manner and cared for all of their subjects. In this kingdom, however, due to a troubled past, witchcraft and magic were considered highly dangerous and were strictly forbidden.
  • One day, Evander got accused of witchcraft and the whole kingdom turned against him. His room was searched and they found jars upon jars of potions and poisons made with varieties of natural herbs and plants. Queen Arden had no choice but to tell him to pack his bags and exile him from the kingdom, leaving Elida in deep sorrow.
  • Elida pleaded and pleaded for Queen Arden to lift Evander's exile and allow him back into the kingdom. She claimed he was not a threat and could be trusted but Queen Arden said that witchcraft in its entirety is dangerous and that it is for the better. Elida knew she wouldn't change her mind. Unless...
  • One day, when Elida was on a walk through the forest, she ran into a woman who introduced herself as Andromeda. She did not say she was a witch, however, Elida felt a magical quality from her. She explained her situation to Andromeda and asked if she could help her in changing her mother's mind.
  • Andromeda brought Elida to her house and baked her a mistletoe pie. She explained how it was imported from Europe, where mistletoe is more powerful than its American counterparts. She told Elida that only those that partake in witchcraft can undo the symptoms of mistletoe, forcing Queen Arden to bring back Evander. Elida accepted it graciously and hurried home.
  • Elida brought the mistletoe pie home and gave it to Queen Arden. She told her that she didn't want to give up their relationship and offered it as a symbol of peace. Queen Arden was unsuspecting and accepted the pie softheartedly.
  • Immediately Queen Arden felt weak and drowsy. She had blurry vision, stomach pain, and was very nauseous. She asked Elida to help her to her bedroom right away.
  • Elida was overcome with guilt and apologized profusely. She told her mom everything that Andromeda told her. She explained how Evander is the only one that can help her. Queen Arden gave in and told Elida to contact Evander and tell him his exile is over and to come immediately.
  • Evander came as soon as possible and gave her activated charcoal to absorb the poison. He gave her IV fluids and monitored her vitals. Soon Queen Arden was cured and was overcome with regret and sorrow for exiling her son. She apologized to Evander and the family became whole again.
  • Soon, they were a happy family again, and ruled the kingdom once more. But this time it was different. They accepted witchcraft as a healing power and allowed the citizens to reap the benefits.
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