Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Miguel i am fine, how are you?
  • Hello Eva How are you?
  • Umm i´m glad for you
  • well there is a little with study, an you?
  • I am very glad that you are well, I am very well
  • And how has it been these days?
  • Of course I like
  • But i´m doing well, would you like ice cream?
  • yes, I have been a little busy with my work, and Ihave also helped my parents organize the merchadise of the premises
  • Oh what a good idea
  • If you want we boy the ice creams and go to the mall
  • Of... Passion fruit, and yours what flavor will it make?
  • Yeah come on
  • Ok, mine of oreolet´s go to the mall
  • What flavor do you want your ice cream?
  • Look what a cute puppy
  • If it is very nice, well we are here what do you want to do?