Calico Girl Vocabulary

Updated: 2/10/2021
Calico Girl Vocabulary
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Calico Girl by Jerdine Nolen

Calico Girl by Jerdine Nolen

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Callie Wilcomb is a 12 year old enslaved girl who lives in Virginia in the 1860s. At the time, Virginia no longer had to abide by the rules of slavery and there seemed to be hope for her family. When they learned of three enslaved people who escaped and found protection at Fort Monroe, a Union outpost not far from where they lived, Callie’s father decided it was time for his family to be free. With the Civil War going on all around them, Callie and her family make a risky yet life-changing decision to go after their freedom. Based on true accounts and real locations of the Civil War, Calico Girl is a poignant, hopeful, and sometimes heartbreaking story of one family’s journey to be free.

Calico Girl

Storyboard Description

Have students define and illustrate key vocabulary from Calico Girl.

Storyboard Text

  • (n.) States that broke away from the United States from 1861-1865, and fought against the Union in the American Civil War.
  • Confederate States: Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • (n.) A fine, lustrous silk or similar fabric with a crisp texture. Taffeta is often used for gowns.
  • (n.) A large building or structure that is designed to be defended and protect what's inside. They normally have tall, thick brick walls.
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