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California State Guide Activities

State Guide to California

By Lauren Ayube

California is a state in the West region of the United States, and third largest state in the United States, following Alaska and Texas. Students will love learning about state landmarks, mottos, fun facts, history, and so much more!

California State Guide

Storyboard Description

Create a postcard from a famous California landmark!

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to San Diego!
  • Dear Kelly,Hi! I hope you are having an awesome vacation in Colorado! My family and I are having a blast in California. Today we visited the San Diego Zoo. It was so fun! I learned that the zoo opened in 1921 when a bunch of exotic animals were abandoned after the Panama-California exposition. There are over 3,700 animals and over 650 species living at the zoo. I love that many of them get to live in their natural habitat and not in cages, it is so much better for the animals! Our tour guide told us that it is one of the oldest zoos in the world, and that it has 3 million visitors a year! We had such a great time. Well, I can't wait to hang out when we get back, and I will bring you a souvenir! Your friend,Sally
  • Santa Fe, NM 87501
  • Kelly McDonald
  • 14 Central Ave.
  • Forever
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