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Divorce Social Story

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Divorce Social Story
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Introduction to Social Stories

Introduction to Social Stories

By Sherry Pardy, Natasha Lupiani, and Anna Warfield

The concept of Social Stories was created by Carol Gray in 1991 to use with children and adults with autism in order to better assist them with a variety of social situations. Today the use of social stories has expanded to all types of students, including those with significant communication deficits. Learn more about how you can use social stories with your students!

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Storyboard Description

Help students understand what to expect when there is a divorce. Divorce social story example

Storyboard Text

  • My parents love me always, and I love them always.
  • My parents told me and my sister that they are getting divorced. I was sad. They still love me always.
  • They will be living in different houses, but they will both still take care of us.
  • Sometimes we live with my mom and I miss my dad. That is okay.
  • Sometimes we live with my dad and I miss my mom. That is also okay.
  • My family is still my family, they just live in two different houses. It can actually be a lot of fun!
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