Norse God Poster

Norse God Poster
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The Norse god Odin stands in front of an old looking fortress. He holds a spear in one hand and two ravens in the other. He wears dark grey armor, and a helmet with horns.

Norse Mythology

Lesson Plans by Lauren Ayube

Norse mythology is composed of myths from the Scandinavian people and was passed on over many generations in the form of poetry. It continued to be passed on through the time of the Vikings. The Norse gods were mortal, and could only become immortal through magic. Like Greek gods, the Norse gods have their own domains and powers, and there are many creatures and stories associated with each of them.

Norse Mythology

Storyboard Description

Students can create a poster highlighting one Norse god or goddess of their choice! This example is about Thor.

Storyboard Text

  • Thor was the son of Odin and Fjorgyn, and arguably the most well-known of the Norse gods because of his appearance in Marvel comics and movies. His wife was Sif, the goddess of fertility. The red-bearded god rode his chariot of goats throughout the cosmos, battling giants with his hammer named Mjölnir, and going on quests to prove his valor and bravery.At one point in his journeys, his hammer was stolen by a giant named Thrym who refused to return it until Freya, the goddess of love and lust, became him his bride. Heimdall suggested that Thor disguise himself as Freya in order to get his hands on his hammer again. Thor went back to Thrym in disguise, but during dinner Thrym became suspicious because Thor ate so much. Loki schemed a response that Freya had not eaten in a week, which satisfied the giant until he went to kiss Freya, pulled back her veil, and saw eyes of fire. Loki again came to the rescue, claiming that she had not been able to sleep for a week, either. During the marriage ceremony, Mjölnir was brought forward and laid in Thor’s lap, as per their custom. Thor grabbed the hammer and killed all of the giants.
  • Thor
  • His hammer, Mjölnir, his chariot driven by goats, his helmet, iron gloves, and belt.
  • Theft of Thor’s Hammer, Loki’s Binding, Great Serpent Jörmungand
  • God of sky, thunder, healing, and sanctification.
  • Power and Domain
  • Symbols
  • Notable Myths
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