Norse Mythology Themes

Norse Mythology Themes
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The Norse god Odin stands in front of an old looking fortress. He holds a spear in one hand and two ravens in the other. He wears dark grey armor, and a helmet with horns.

Norse Mythology

Lesson Plans by Lauren Ayube

Norse mythology is composed of myths from the Scandinavian people and was passed on over many generations in the form of poetry. It continued to be passed on through the time of the Vikings. The Norse gods were mortal, and could only become immortal through magic. Like Greek gods, the Norse gods have their own domains and powers, and there are many creatures and stories associated with each of them.

Norse Mythology

Storyboard Description

Have students identify themes in Norse Mythology as they explore the stories!

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you. You have done a fine job.
  • Loki had the gnomes make him a magic spear and a boat that would sail anywhere, and could fold up small enough to put in his pocket. He also had them make a cap of golden hair for Sif.
  • Loki, who was known for his mischief and desire to cause trouble, cast a sleeping spell on Sif and cut off all of her beautiful, long, blond hair.
  • You must sacrifice your eye.
  • The Mystical Well of Urd has magical waters that give one the gift of cosmic knowledge.
  • Odin was always on a quest for more wisdom. When he arrived at the mystical Well of Urd, the guard, Mimir, told him he had to sacrifice an eye in order to drink from the well.
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