Phonological Awareness: Phenome Isolation

Phonological Awareness: Phenome Isolation
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Phonological Awareness Activities

Phonological Awareness

By Lauren Ayube

Phonological awareness is an umbrella term that includes many skills and concepts having to do with the individual sounds, or phonemes, in spoken words. It is the ability to recognize and manipulate these sounds, and is the foundation for learning how to read.

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Storyboard Description

Phenome isolation is a part of Phonological Awareness

Storyboard Text

  • Isolate
  • What is the first sound in the word "cat"?
  • The first sound is /k/.
  • Blend
  • Okay, what words do the sounds/d/ /o/ /g/ make?
  • DOG!
  • Segment
  • Now try to break apart the word sun into segments.
  • Sun is /s/ /u/ /n/
  • Manipulate
  • DOG
  • Change the D to F and you get FOG.
  • Change the O to I and you get DIG.
  • Change the G to T and you get DOT.
  • Phoneme isolation is the ability to separate a single sound from the other sounds in a word.
  • Phoneme blending is when students are given the individual sounds and are able to blend them all together to say the word.
  • Phoneme segmentation is the opposite of blending. It is when students are given a word and are able to stretch the word out into its individual phonemes. 
  • Great job!
  • Phoneme manipulation consists of three things: the ability to add sounds, take away sounds, or substitute sounds.
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