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Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • This is the Taj Mahal built in Northern India.
  • I am Shah Jahan, I made the Taj Mahal as a tomb for my wife as represented in this picture.
  • This is the Taj Mahal in the Mughal Empire. Built under the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan. It was finished in 1653.
  • Number System: Arabic
  • Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his wife, 20,000 workers , 20 years. This was a very historical building that now 7 million visit per year. The Taj Mahal is a very beautiful piece of architecture.
  • We will trade you for spices, silk, and gems.
  • Fair trade.
  • The religion Islam was spread into India. And then overlapped to Hinduism. Later on in the future that ended up causing conflict.
  • Indian textiles had a great influence and impact on the British textile industry. (Number system: Arabic). Trading textiles was the one thing they traded upon the arrival of the Europeans trading outposts.
  • The European traded in Portugal, England, and the Netherlands. They competed for the Indian Ocean trade by establishing the coastal ports on the Indian Subcontinent. Southern India traded silk, spices, and gems.
  • The political system they had was centralized bureaucratic government ruled by a Muslim emperor. Their economic system was dependence on the trade with the foreign nations, and the economy based on trade and agriculture.