digestive system

digestive  system

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  • I really need to go to the bathroom.
  • where did my burrito go?
  •  I can tell you where it went .
  • I'm the mouth I start the whole Digestive system and I start the mechanical digestion The saliva and teeth help us break down food
  • enzymes in your body break down food and they speed up the chemical digestion . This happens salivary glands and the stomach.
  • The food goes through me into my stomach . Large food molecules like starch get broken down smaller sub units
  • I receive food, churn it and add gastric juices
  • The liver produces digestive juices called bile .
  •  The pancreas breaks down food in digestion and it produces digestive food
  • Small intestine sorbs useable food substances hich are sent to to all the body parts by blood vessels . Food digestion is now complete .
  • Large inestines stores used soiled substances after water is removed .
  • Is that all ?
  • Well the rectum holds sold waste and control its release from body , proteins are formed by linking anino acids and food is stored bfor long periods of time is fat .
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