fanfic LoTR
Updated: 4/13/2021
fanfic LoTR

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  • Hey! My name's Elena Tanner, but you can call me Robin. Or Rose. They're kind of my nicknames. Sorta. I live in Vincent, Ohio with my Mum, Dad, and two brothers, Alex and Ben. Anyway, my story starts out at home, the day before my 14th birthday.
  • Everything was going fine! I was reading a really good book, The Fellowship of the Ring. I LOVE to read. The world in this book is one of my favorites. I closed the book and sighed. "I wish I could be there," I said, "And see this stuff happening." Then I felt this whooshing sensation, and my bedroom started to fade away... When I opened my eyes, I was there! I had on completely different clothes, and I had a sword at my waist!
  • I soon realized that a dress was not very practical. I "borrowed" some boys clothes from a clothes line, and tried to get out of town, but another boy stopped me. "What's your name?" he said, "I don't think I've seen you here before." I panicked. "I'm, um, Robin," I said, remembering a name from the book (not an important one), "And I'm just passing through. Could you tell me the date and where I am? I'm a bit lost." "Follow me," the boy said, "The main gate is guarded, and they'll expect to know who you are. I know a secret way out. By the way, I'm Rian. It's the tenth of Blotmath, and we're in Bree"
  • Rian took me to an old building near the end of town. "There's a passage in this house. Used to belong to leaf smugglers. It lets out in the forest. Can I come with you? I've been wanting to leave since my mother died. Too many memories." "Of course," I said. He smiled. "How old are you? I'm 14 summers since the 5th of Astron." "I'll be 14 summers tomorrow" I replied, "Do you know where I can get some food and supplies? We'll never make it out there without food."
  • We went to a shop in the center of town. I had found a bit of money in my pocket, so I used it to get supplies. I bought rope, two blankets, a small knife, a sack to put everything in, a map of the land, a water holder, a cloak, matches, and some food. “We’ll need potatoes, because they last a while, some apples, bread...” A man in the back stood up. “So yer wantin’ some bread, are ye, boy? Well I’ve got somethin’ that might interest you.” Rian and I walked over, and he pulled a bundle out of his cloak. “Lembas,” he said, “Elvish bread. Good for journeys. Keeps your stomach mighty full. And ye only need a bite or two when you’re hungry!l We bought ten bars, for a silver penny each.
  • After that, I bought something I never expected to have. A horse. A man was selling it because he had no use for it anymore, and it was only five silver pennies. I still had ten left after buying it. The man told me it had no name, so I named it Quickstep. Rian already had a horse, Windrider.