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Tropical Rainforest Biome
Updated: 11/20/2019
Tropical Rainforest Biome
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  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Abiotic Factors
  • Biotic Factors
  • This is the tropical rainforest biome.
  • Predator/Prey Relationship
  • The rocks, the soil, and the mud are all abiotic factors of this biome. It is mostly rainy, warm, and humid.
  • Symbiotic Relationships
  • The biotic factors include the animals such as frogs, exotic birds, insects, wildcats, monkeys, rabbits etc. The plants include rubber trees, vines, ferns, and other plantlife.
  • Competition
  • The rabbit is the prey, and the wildcat is the predator. The wildcat hunts the rabbit for food.
  • This symbiotic relationship is an example of commensalism. The vines are using the tree as a place to grow on, while the tree is unharmed.
  • Two bower birds compete for a mate. They both build bowers out of twigs and sticks to attract a mate, but they don't work together. While one bower bird is away, the other bird will try to destroy his.
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