Beginning of the Cold War Comic Strip
Updated: 2/23/2021
Beginning of the Cold War Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • The Soviet Union
  • Germany should not be unified and should be disarmed.
  • The United States
  • No! We want Germany unified!
  • The United Kingdom
  • I refuse to do any such thing!
  • Stalin, you need to remove the military from these countries!
  • These countries deserve democratic elections!
  • Germany will be demilitarized.
  • The Nazi Party is banned and they will be tried. Europe will be rebuilt.
  • Germany will be divided into four sections and the Soviet Union, France, Britain, and the US will each receive a section.
  • The Soviet Union is planning a world conquest! What are we going to do?!
  • We can use our new atomic bombs to defeat them!
  • Britain and the USA will invade France!