Ancient China New Years Zodiac
Updated: 2/5/2021
Ancient China New Years Zodiac

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  • ROOSTERPersonality: diligent, expressive, responsible, confidentLucky Colors: gold, brown, yellowPossible careers: police, politician, banker, soldier, engineer, dentist
  • MONKEYPersonality: intelligent, witty, outgoingLucky Colors: white, gold and bluePossible careers: inventor, teacher, comedian, travel guide, writer
  • DOGPersonality: loyal, honest, creative, problem-solverLucky Colors: green, red, purplePossible careers: counselor, professor, scientist, police, nurse, teacher
  • PIGPersonality: kind-hearted, friendly, reserved, Lucky Colors: yellow, gray, brown Possible careers: teacher, artist, veterinarian, scientist, engineer
  • SHEEPPersonality: strong, social, reserved, peacefulLucky Colors: green, red and purplePossible careers: musician, actor, teacher, librarian, emergency relief worker,
  • PIGPersonality:Lucky Colors: Possible careers:
  • 2017200519931981196919571945
  • 2018200619941982197019581946
  • 2016200419921980196819561944
  • RATPersonality: Clever, ambitious, charming, socialLucky Colors: blue, gold, greenPossible careers: artist, writer, lawyer, musician, stand up comedian, inventor
  • HORSEPersonality: active, kind, hard working, confidentLucky Colors: brown yellow, purplePossible careers: journalist, explorer, pilot, artist, sales
  • 2015200319911979196719551943
  • 2019200719951983197119591947
  • 2020200819961984197219601948
  • 2014200219901978196619541942
  • 2021200919971985197319611949
  • 2013200119891977196519531941
  • 2010199819861974196219501938
  • 2012200019881976196419521940
  • 2011199919871975196319511939
  • OXPersonality: strong, persistent, diligent, reliableLucky Colors: red, purple, bluePossible careers: architect, doctor, engineer, interior designer, archeologist
  • SNAKEPersonality: wise, intuitive, discreet, calmLucky Colors: red, yellow, blackPossible careers: lawyer, scientist, journalist, philosopher, politician
  • TIGERPersonality: brave, confident, adventurous, leaderLucky Colors: glue, gray, white, orangePossible careers: leadership positions, military, police, pilot, explorer
  • DRAGONPersonality: charismatic, intelligent, energetic, talentedLucky Colors: gold, silver, gray, yellow Possible careers: politician, manager, inventor, sales person
  • RABBITPersonality: affectionate, kind, generous, cleverLucky Colors: pink, purple, blue Possible careers: doctor, writer, teacher, therapist, writer
  • HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!2021 is the Year of the Ox!
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