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Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • Call to action: Building Ecosystem Resilience in a Changing ClimateSub Priority: Reducing Threats to BiodiversityOutcome: A Reduction in the Impacts of Significant Invasive Species on BiodiversityActions: Integrate Biodiversity Conservation Into Planning Instruments Including by Implementing a Decision Making Hierarchy for Biodiversity Management: The First Aim is to Avoid Loss; if That is Not Possible, Then Aim to Minimize Loss; if Biodiversity Loss is Unavoidable, Impacts Should be Managed to Maintain Ecosystem Functions, Including, Where Feasible, Through the Use of Offsets.Improve the Management of Aquatic Habits, Including by Reducing Key Threats to Aquatic Biodiversity.
  • Today we are at the beach to pick up some of the trash to save the animals.
  • Yay! We picked up all of the trash.
  • By: Lily Lemmon2nd Period
  • We are here to pick up even more trash.
  • My solution is people could go to the beach and help pickup trash. They could pick up trash anywhere they see it, so that it doesn't get in the ocean.
  • Will you come with me to the beach to pick up trash?
  • Of course!
  • My solution brings my chosen action to life because it is trying to save biodiversity by picking up trash.
  • Look! We picked up all of the trash.
  • My solution restores biodiversity by picking up the trash, and saving animals so all of them don't die.
  • I can make my solution eco friendly by telling people about it, so I don't have to use paper.
  • My solution benefits biodiversity and humans because it saves the animals. It helps humans because it doesn't use all of the resources that they need to survive.
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