Differentiated Instruction

Updated: 7/23/2020
Differentiated Instruction

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! My name is Fatimah and I am a Gifted English Language Learner and in 8th grade at Saulton Middle School.
  • Fatimah has a deep interest in the environment and reusable energy
  • Hi! My name is Mr. Lee and I am Fatimah's homeroom and language teacher
  • Fatimah can perform at a grade 10 level in reading and writingFatimah has excellent organizational, spatial, reading comprehension and communication skills.Fatimah struggles with keeping interested and focused
  • Fatimah has been a gifted ELL student since she was in grade 4. She excels in mathematics and science as well, but she has had a more keen interest in language, especially in writing. Here are some things we should know about Fatimah...
  • I find it hard to pay attention and focus for long periods of time because I am not interested. I get bored easily and when I am given tests, I start to freak out and overthink everything.
  • Hmm... There are many strategies we can try to help Fatimah with this.
  • Here, we can tailor a writing task to Fatimah's interests of the environment. This allows Fatimah to feel more motivated and focused completing an assignment she enjoys. Adding on tiered assignments where Fatimah is asked to research on a design plan to make transportation more environmentally friendly. Here, Fatimah can focus on research first before carrying out and drawing out her plan
  • Design a procedural plan for a green city
  • Fatimah should be offered choice boards as an opportunity to choose from different activities and develop a skill that she is interested in attaining. This gives Fatimah space to focus on her own learning and gives her ownership to her own learning.
  • Use a webmap to create ideas to reduce fuels
  • Debate with other group members on topic of interest
  • Grouping Fatimah with other Gifted ELL students with similar interests will help with collaboration skills as students are focused on the same goals. An appropriate pace for learning will be established and students will be able to challenge one another in a positive way.