Spanish Possessive Adjectives - Agreement

Spanish Possessive Adjectives - Agreement
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Tener Lesson Plans

Tener Conjugation Practice with Possessive Adjectives

Lesson Plans by Lourdes Fernandez

This lesson will start by introducing the verb Tener and its various uses. Then, it will present possessive pronouns, another important component of vocabulary. Finally, students will be able to understand and compose sentences with combinations of these elements and other basic vocabulary.

Tener and Possessive Adjectives

Storyboard Description

Spanish Possessive Adjectives Agreement

Storyboard Text

  • makes "nuestras" feminine & plural
  • nuestr
  • makes "nuestro" masculine & singular
  • as
  • nuestr
  • o
  • mochilas
  • libro
  • feminine & plural "backpacks"
  • Masculine & singular "book"
  • Nuestro = Our
  • makes "nuestros" masculine & plural
  • makes "nuestra" feminine & singular
  • nuestr
  • nuestr
  • os
  • a
  • libros
  • mochila
  • masculine & plural "books"
  • feminine & singular "backpack"
  • Remember that possessive adjectives agree with the NOUN POSSESSED and NOT the possessor (person possessing). Above, you will notice that the selection of the word is based off the two girls, but the FORM of is based off the items the two girls own.
  • nuestro
  • nuestro
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