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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Agreement
  • Indian Troubles
  • Declaring the War
  • In 1809, a deal was made between America, Great Britain, and France agreeing that America would stop trading with their enemies if France and Great Britain stopped seizing their boats. All was well, however the two countries did not stop seizing America's boats and ships. Madison began thinking of a plan, however he started to make the situation worse.
  • Battle over Sea
  • As more Americans began to move, the Native Americans were getting kicked off their land (the Mississippi River). Come to realize they had British guns and both sides were furious. This gave the Americans another reason to get revenge on Britain. Most Americans wanted to face war against them, but Madison questioned their own nation.
  • New Orleans Battle
  • Madison eventually had enough of everything and decided to go to war with Britain. It was surprisingly just as difficult for them as it was for the US. Britain started invading US territory such as the US capitol and America did the same to them. Their hatred toward each other grew more and more each day as they fought for what they truly wanted.
  • The Ending and AfterMath
  • The battles continued to get worse, not only on land, but overseas. Many troops were sent across the Atlantic Ocean to go into secret. Britain's main way of battle was to attack ports and docs, from traveling on water. On certain attacks, America was ready and the American flag still stood tall at the end.
  • The Battle in New Orleans started with a failed attack from Britain. They then decided to keep going strong and Louisiana was their next target. This time, America was ready and had thousands of troops waiting. Britain attacked but the US started a fire and thousands of Britain troops were hurt and wounded. This is known today as one of the greatest US victory's'.
  • A peace treaty was signed between Great Britain and America. Neither country really won the war, however both still claim victory. Two of the wars' heroes were later elected president. The war was said to have weekend the west territory. Today,, this war is known as "the second war of independence."