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Shay's rebellion
Updated: 10/17/2020
Shay's rebellion
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  • nooooo
  • we're gonna tax you farmers because we don't have enough money after the war.
  • I'm Daniel Shays and I believe this high taxation is terrible!
  • yeah we don't like this high taxation!!
  • After the end of the Revolutionary war in 1781 America owed a lot of money from the war, so they decided to tax people, especially farmers.
  • no more high taxation!
  • The farmers in Massachusetts became angry with this week new government the U.S. had just created, because it was taxing them hard.
  • no more high taxation!
  • i'm James Bowdoin and I will defeat your army!
  • So Daniel Shays', a former Continental Army captain, came back and gathered farmers who were also upset about the high taxation.
  • hmm maybe the people in Shays' rebellion we're right, and our government is weak. we need a change!
  • Shays' forged the angered farmers into an army to protest, and fight the weak government for the flawed ways of taxing.
  • James Bowdoin, the governor of Massachusetts, pulled together his own army to defeat Shays' Rebellion. And he succeeded.
  • Even though Shays' Rebellion disintegrated easily against James's army, the movement showed weakness in the new government, and it changed things because many people agreed with Shays' Rebellion.
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