Seminole Tribe

Updated: 10/15/2020
Seminole Tribe

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  • Seminole tribe.
  • Welcome to...THE SEMINOLE TRIBE!!
  • Seminole formation
  • Seminole formation
  • Seminole tribe.
  • Seminole tribe migration
  • The formation of the Seminole started when the remaining of the creek tribe moved down to the Apalachee region because of fights with British settlers.
  • First Seminole war (cause)
  • Before attacks
  • What also helped start the Seminole tribe was African American runaway slaves. The runaway slaves also went to Alpachee region.
  • First Seminole war (effect)
  • Signed king of Spain.
  • After attacks
  • When the Seminole tribe was northern Florida, they got attacked by U.S. troops and moved to the south.After the attack, they use chickees which were easy to put up and down when they were attacked.
  • That is it! We need our SLAVES!
  • During 1817, U.S plantation owners wanted their runaway slave back who went to the Seminole tribe. Also, the settlers wanted more land,
  • Because of that, General Andrew Jackson invaded Spanish Florida and attacked Seminole villages. Then the Spanish realized they were losing control and signed a treaty with the U.S. in 1819