I give u an onion - poem

Updated: 10/13/2021
I give u an onion - poem

Storyboard Text

  • This poem expresses love and affection that a person experiences on valentines day and as a present they give their valentine an onion. this is shown in the poem when the quote 'I give you an onion' is used.
  • Carol Duffy makes it clear from the beginning of the poem that the gift she is giving her valentine is unusual as it says in the fist line of the poem ' Not a red rose or a satin heart'.
  • As she goes on to describe the onion the fist thing she describes using imagery is how the onion is wrapped like a 'moon wrapped in a brown paper bag that promises light just like the careful undressing of love'. 
  • As she goes into stanza 2 she describes how the onion is so powerful just like love in the quote 'It will blind you with tears like a lover' this helps the reader to understand that if someone was heart broken, they would cry which is described when the the onion is cut like a heart broken from heart break.
  • The writer uses simple sentences to make her point more demanding in the poem like in the quotes 'I am trying to be truthful' and 'not a cute card or a kissogram'
  • As Carol Duffy works her way to the end of the poem, she strts to describe how the onion's scent will linger just like a kiss of love or love in general in the quotes 'Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips' and ' its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife' . This describes that once you find true love you can't get rid of it.