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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/28/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The Fire
  • A Walk Down The Street
  • The Secret Room!
  • BOOM! the car got struck by lightning, sophie and spice were thrown out of the car. Sophie looked over at the car and it was on fire.she heard a lightning sound above her and there was a man flying in the sky.
  • The Transition
  • As Sophie and spice walked down the street they smelt this weird burning smell, they followed it. BOOM!, SMASH! they then followed the weird banging sounds.
  • The Death
  • The sounds and smells led to an old ,dark, spooky building with smashes windows and rusty walls. Sophie paired into the window and saw a man standing there working on a gold box with little bits of electricity squirting out. "wha haha i cant wait to destroy the city" said the man.
  • The End
  • Sophie knew what she needed to do, WOOSH! Sophie and Spice turned into there beautiful superhero outfits. Sophie whispered into spices ear "You go in and distracted him while i turn invisible and sneak in".
  • ZZZZZ!. "well, well, well what have we here" said lightning boy. As Sophie started to raise her hands towards the man she said, " you killed my family". ZZZZ a bright blue light came out of her hands and killed lightning boy.
  • Sophie walked home with a blank look on her face. She popped her key into the door BUZZ BUZZ! she looked abover her and lightning boy was flying above her. "catch me next time" said lightning boy.
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