Journey on the Rock Cycle
Updated: 2/13/2020
Journey on the Rock Cycle

Storyboard Text

  • Then tectonic plates push upward and the metamorphic rock made it's way to the mountains.
  • I began my adeventure at Earth's Interior. The first thing that happened was pressure occured more layers and I became a Metamorphic rock in Earth's Interior.
  • The sediments then went to soil where they were broken down, but later on went back to Earth's interior where pressure occured and the sediments were made into a sedimentary rock. The next thing that happened was tectonic plates moved and the sedimentary rock went to a volcano.
  • At the mountains, wind erosion occured and it weathered me into sediments.
  • At the volcano, magma flowed the sedimentary rock into the ocean.
  • Lastly, I ended up in the ocean and I turned into an Igneous rock due to the magma flowing into the ocean and cooling down.