A Day In The Life of Taz-An Emotional Support Animal
Updated: 12/14/2019
A Day In The Life of Taz-An Emotional Support Animal
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  • Hi, I'm Taz. I'm an emotional support animal.
  • This is a day in my life. So welcome to it!
  • When I first wakeup in the morning, my human is still sleeping. She likes sleep even more than I do so I usually have to be a little vocal if I want her to get up and feed me. My humans go to a place called MCLA, I don't really know where I am, just that my humans are with me.
  • I'm very clean, so on my adventures, I always take time to bathe.
  • All this adventuring is tiresome for a kitten my age, and since cats sleep sixteen hours a day, that means it's time for my nap.
  • Taz is an emotional support animal who comforts his two humans--and their human friends. Taz is a kitten, but don't let his age fool you, he's terrific at his job.
  • I'm a lucky kitten, I have two humans. One is tall and likes to boss me around when I'm chewing her shoes, and the other is short, and likes to give me treats when I behave while she brushes my fur.
  • There's no typical day as an emotional support animal. My job changes from day-to-day. Sometimes my tall human gets anxiety attacks, so I sit on her head to help her calm down. But other days my humans will invite their friends in, and then they'll play with me!
  • After my short human feeds me and they both leave in the morning, I like to imagine that I'm a fierce lion exploring a new world.
  • About two feline hours later, my humans come home! I'm usually still sleeping, so my tall human will cuddle me until I wakeup, so she can feed me. MCLA isn't as hot as my home is in Georgia, so I can sit in the sunlight without getting to warm.
  • The humans are always making food for themselves, and I try to sneak some of it for myself, but they always catch me.
  • Sometimes I like to play with my humans by nipping them on the arm or jumping on their legs. It's a lot of fun. I chase them all around our little room.
  • After the humans go to bed, I jump on each of their beds and lay on their heads while they sleep. They don't seem to mind.
  • That's a day in my life...goodnight humans.
  • Thank you for reading about a day in my life. Emotional Support Animals jobs are very important, and the work they do is invaluable.
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