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Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Bradley and Jeff
  • Hi I am Jeff Fishkin the new student.
  • Hello Bradley it's a pleasure to see you today. I'm Carla your counselor.
  • Bradley meets Carla
  • There's a boy in the girls bathroom
  • This is Bradley he sit's in the last seat last row and this is Jeff Fishkins the new student he is from Washington D.C.
  • Carla you are fired but you will now be teaching kindergarten.
  • Mrs. Chalkers Bradley's mom setup an appointment for Bradley to see Carla the new counselor at red hill valley school.
  • Colleen's birthday party
  • happy birthday colleen!!
  • When Jeff was looking for Carla's office he asked a teacher for directions but the teacher gave him two. One was to the old counselor's office and then one was to Carla. But Jeff ended up in girls bathroom.
  • Becoming Friends
  • ha hahahaha
  • Carla has a meeting with the president of the school board, principal and parents. Mrs.Verigold said that Carla talked to her daughter without her parents permission and talked about religion. After she got fired she was told that she is now teaching kindergarten.
  • Bradley arrived at Colleen's birthday party as soon as she opened the door Bradley started to sing happy birthday but then Jeff elbowed him so he stopped singing then handed the gift to colleen and headed outside.
  • This is Bradley with everybody at Colleen's birthday and them becoming friends. Just like Carla said be nice to everyone and they will be nice back and that it is good to have friends.