Eros and Phyche
Updated: 8/30/2018
Eros and Phyche
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  • Eros and Psyche
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Eros, I really want to see you. Please show yourself!
  • BY:Madison Perez, Nicole Tassin, and Britney Godoy Period E
  • Climax
  • Venus is a goddess and she is jealous of Psyche's beauty so she sends her son Eros to pierce her with his arrow to make her fall in love with an ugly creature. Eros goes to her and is struck by her beauty which makes him accidentally pierce himself. His arrow makes him fall in love with her.
  • Falling Action
  • Eros and Psyche end up getting married, but he never allows her to see him in the light.Eros is only around during the night time. He sees that she is lonely so he invites her sisters over. 
  • Resolution
  • When the sisters visit they worry that Eros is a monster and think that is the reason why he does not want to be seen. Psyche then gets mad at her sisters and kicks them out. Then she begins to wonder if her husband is cheating on her with multiple other princesses. While Eros was sleeping she comes to him with a candle to see if he is truly a monster or not, but she sees how beautiful he is. When she wakes up Eros he is mad at her for not trusting him.
  • Once Eros wakes up, he is very angry with Psyche and that leads to him taking all of their possessions they had leaving her to roam in the woods searching for him
  • No one really knows what happened between Psyche and Eros,but people assume that her forgave her and took her to Olympus.
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