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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • Democritus(460.B.C)
  • Fellow philosphers i have an interesting idea,i believe that every objerct is made ou of tiny particles ,everything is made up of them ,but the real question.What are they?what we should name them ?,i know lets call them Atomos for uncuttable,or something close ,what do you think?
  • Democritus(460.B.C)
  • Thats unbelievable we all know thats not true and thats a worthless idea!
  • John Dalton (1800s)
  • If Democritus is correct,what if coimmon substances could break into the same ekemnst with the same proportions?,what if various compunds are combinations of atoms of different elemsnts ,if so each need to have a particular size and mass
  • J.J Rutherford (1897)
  • What is this negatively charged atoms ?,probably through matter they must have a positive charge.what if i do a model? but with what...Ohh i know with pudding and raisins
  • Finally i finished my experiment with gold foil and positively charged alpha particles ,within this experiment i conclude that atoms consist majorly of empty space with a few electrons
  • Ernest Rutherford (1911)
  • Niels Bohr(1912)
  • Based on Rutherfords model ,i might believe that electrons orbit the nucleous
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