The British are Coming
Updated: 2/5/2020
The British are Coming
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  • The British are Coming!
  • The British  Are Coming!
  • After the French and Indian war, England established and attempted to maintain economic and political control over the colonies in order to remain a world power
  • We now have more laws and rules for you because of the French and Indian War.
  • Please send those goods back and the tidewater back to the port
  • England imposed strict control over the trade.
  • Yes, sir
  • England taxed the colonies after the war to raise necessary revenue to help finance for the war, and pay for the troops and the cost of the war.
  • Taxes on that, that and even this!
  • Is this what we get for going through a war!?
  • Colonies traded raw materials for manufactured goods
  • Raw Materials$
  • Manufactured Goods$$$
  • I demand you to give me all the raw materials you produce!
  • Colonies had to obey english laws that were enforced by governors. They had no representation is parliament.
  • We want representation in the parliament!
  • The governors were appointed by the king or by the proprietors and the colonists resented their power
  • Proprietors
  • King George and Queen Charlotte
  • You are now the new governor of Williamsburg
  • Colonial Legislatures made laws for each colony and were monitored by colonial governors so that England could have strict control over the legislatures.
  • I monitor the Colonial Legislatures
  • I want control over the colonist's laws
  • 1774, the First Continental Congress met to discuss colonial frustrations.
  • Welcome to the First Continental Congress!
  • It is NOT fair for the king to tax us this much!
  • The king has done enough!
  • It's our governor!
  • We want a say!
  • Colonial Legislature
  • Colonial Governor
  • King
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