Health project
Updated: 2/10/2020
Health project

Storyboard Text

  • .klklk
  • I told you to take out the garbage our earlier! I'll fire you the next time this happens!
  • I'm sorry, It won't happen again!
  • #Gangsarenotgoodclubs
  • Why are there people back here? I need to get out of here!
  • shdhsk
  • He could report us!
  • Whoa there. You think you can just leave now that you've seen us? Guess we've got to take care of you now.
  • It's much more fun then your job..
  • Hey, chill. We need a new recruitment anyways. How about joining our little club?
  • Forgetting to take out the garbage from the trash, Jake heads to the alley way to dispose the trash tin the dumpster.
  • kskjsjfkj
  • Actually... I have to go now. My boss will get real angry if I don't come back inside.
  • Just hurry up and beat him up into it.
  • As Jake enters through the back door, he sees three people in back, talking about how they plan on robbing a store. Jake try's to get back inside the restaurant to avoid the group.
  • jksfjs
  • What's all the noise out here and why are you taking so long to take out the trash?
  • it was too late when the group caught him trying to leave. Afraid he may report, one of the members threaten him but another invites him to join them.
  • hdsfhsdjhf
  • I can't believe that just happened...
  • What are you all doing behind my restaurant!?
  • Let's get out of here!
  • Caught in the situation, Jake makes an excuse in hopes the group will let him go but it doesn't seem to work as the group continues to convince him to join their group.
  • Come on... loosen up. You could help us out!
  • Fortunately, Jake was saved by his Boss, shocking the group.
  • Out of fear, the group scrambled away in fear they'd be reported.